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It is important to bring up the subject of rules in a way that will make a taiwanese wife receptive to a discussion. Whether you are wanting to clarify the rules of your taiwan bride, you can say something like the following. I really value our connection, and I want to make sure we each get our needs met in a way that feels good for taiwanese singles. To help you and I establish a good long term taiwanese bride, I think it would be helpful if you knew a couple of specific things about what I most appreciate, and what I have a difficult time with. I would also like to know what is most important to you, and what really bothers you so I can better satisfy your needs. For me, when it comes to the area of being on time or whatever issue you want to bring up, I think you should know that I am a bit of a stickler. I feel hurt when people are late, and I really appreciate it when taiwan singles are on time. In order for you to feel good about me, what are your rules or expectations regarding being on time? Most taiwan personals appreciate straightforward, honest communication such as was written in the previous paragraph. It shows you really care and want to work things out. Whenever you spot a problem area with single taiwan ladies, assume you each have different rules, and try to get clarity as to exactly what rules each of you have. Once again, in order to find out taiwanese personals rules, ask. Yet, the biggest problems tend to occur when a taiwan wife is simply unaware of each other's rules, and end up violating them without even realizing it. Do not allow this to happen to you. Reveal your rules to taiwanese ladies, and ask others about what they most need or want from you. You will soon notice how much better your relationships are.

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