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In this Filipino bride guide we will be describing a model of communication that will help you have better relationships with filipino ladies and anyone that you come in contact with. The beauty of this model is that it works even if only one person of a couple knows about it. Though it works even better if both do. Unfortunately, many attempts at communication tend to result in misunderstandings, defensive reactiveness, and often involve attempting to influence the filipino girl through fear and guilt  These common approaches can make one feel quite adversarial with filipino singles. The compassionate communication model involves a process of communication designed to facilitate a compassionate, understanding and more cooperative mode of relating and provides opportunities for people to nurture, educate, and protect philippines ladies and resolve differences nonaggressively. This model is particularly good for helping a philippines wife communicate reactions to philippines singles behavior in a nondestructive way. When expressing what we are observing we need to describe what behavior we are reacting to and remember that interpretations and evaluations invite defensiveness in the other person. In order to describe behavior concretely and specifically we use videotalk. Chat means limiting our description to what could be seen and heard on a video. We do not know what is going on in the other person's head and shouldn't include our guesses of what they are thinking, intending, feeling, etc. When we express how we feel about what we are observing, a single philippines girl usually care about our feelings and are motivated to cooperate. Conversely, when we diagnose or judge a philippines bride, they often become defensive and antagonistic. The first step in expressing what we are feeling is to have a language for describing our feelings. Feelings come in 5 main categories: mad, sad, glad, scared and ashamed. Other feelings are a combination of the five main ones. When getting in touch with what you are feeling, it is helpful to start with a filipino wife.

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